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Well it seems that we’ve started a rush on that magnificent of wines—the Sparkling Rinegolde. The word’s finally out. It seems that one of the sleepers in the wine industry has finally been woken up, and countless thousands of wine connoisseurs are rushing bottle shops all around the country buying up big. Your association had to look far and wide to find a bottle to send to Phil Smith who won the comp before last, but that was nothing compared to the search required to find the prize for Don Cureton of Qld who, among heaps of others, correctly answered our last competition which was “What is a scope iron good for, and one of the answers was, as everyone who is dumb enough to have ever tried it knows only too well, “To melt IC’s”. Don’s name was drawn from the hat, and his wonderful prize has been dispatched.


It seems that everyone had a story to tell about the mighty old scope, and a lot did, and we’ve printed a few earlier on. It’s been used for just about everything, and everyone had their own way of using it. Some used it “forehand-style” by pushing the collar with their thumb, others used it backhand by pulling the collar and most Flt Sgt’s wouldn’t let you use it at all unless you were trying to solder a joint in a bit of down pipe.


However, this edition’s competition question is, “When was the old ‘Able Baker Charlie Dog’ phonetic alphabet changed to ‘Alfa Bravo Charlie Delta?  Was it:-


A.     500BC        B.     1939        C.     1945        D.      1966.


As always send your written answers to us any way you like, email, fax, post - but please don’t ring. Entries should be in by the end of Apr 2001, and once again we’ll announce the lucky winner in our next edition. Judge’s decision etc etc etc


Go to it…….



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