The RAAF Radschool Association

100th Anniversary of the RAAF Celebration

March 2021








We're sorry to have to announce that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to cancel all our preparations for the celebration in Melbourne for the 100th Anniversary of the RAAF.  It's a helluva shame as we'd put a lot of work into it but Air Force has asked that we don't go ahead with the Sunday concert at the Myer Music Bowl, they had their reasons and they were fair enough so we'll comply with their wishes.


But that doesn't mean we've given up - Air Force has a lot planned for the year 2021 and has suggested we organise something to dovetail in with one or more of their events - which we'll do.


We're thinking towards an event(s) around ANZAC Day in Canberra - we'd apply to the organisers of the march for permission to march under the Radschool banner followed by a dedication of a Radschool Plaque at the RAAF Grove (see HERE).


As plans materialise we'll include them here and will have details in upcoming versions of the RAM.





Trev Benneworth

29 June 2019




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