Goose Club Raffle.



A Goose Club Raffle is a fun way to raise funds for your nominated charity.





It is important that a popular Compere who can "hold" a crowd is chosen to run the draw.




The Organiser approaches numerous businesses in the area and requests donations of a number of attractive and worthwhile prizes which are then put on display for all to see. The Organiser also obtains a number of similar small card-board boxes, the number corresponding to the number of individual prizes plus 25%, ie:  if 16 prizes are obtained, you will need 20 card-board boxes. If you obtain (say) 18 prizes round the 25% up, this would require 23 boxes.


A number of "dud" prizes are also selected, depending on how many the 25% represented, these "prizes" can include a small jar of Vegemite, a popper' drink, a AA battery etc, the "dud" prizes are also placed on display for all to see.


A note is then prepared describing each prize then each note is placed in one of the boxes.  All the boxes are then sealed and no-one is to know what "prize" is in each box.


Tickets are then sold with the purchasers being told that although many of the prizes are worth winning, there are several "dud" prizes in the offering. Purchasers are also told they must be at the venue when the raffle is drawn or the raffle will be re-drawn.




The Draw.


The Compere stands next to the prizes and selects a box from the group of boxes and a raffle number is drawn. The person who has the winning number is asked to come to the front of the group, to face the Compere. Neither the winner nor the Compere know what prize is held in the box.


The Compere then offers the winner the opportunity of taking the prize in the box or taking a cash sum (the amount of the cash offering being at the discretion of the Compere). If the winner selects the box, he/she opens the box in front of the crowd, reads out the prize and takes that prize from the group of prizes.


If the winner decides to take the cash being offered by the Compere, the Compere will then auction the box and the auction winner will come to the front, open the box, read out the prize and take that prize from the group of prizes.


The Compere will continue the process until all the boxes are won.



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