RAAF Radschool Association.


New Car Purchase Benefit.



The Radschool Association has formed an alliance with National Car Brokers (NCB) whereby financial members of the Radschool Association and their families and friends, can purchase a new car of their choice at a greatly reduced price.


To take advantage of this wonderful benefit, it is recommended you do the following:



Decide on the car you want to own.


Decide on whether you want a manual or automatic gearbox.


Decide on engine size and whether you want petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric.


Decide on an external colour.


Decide on whether you want leather or fabric interior - and the colour.


Find out what accessories are available for that particular car and decide on which of those you want. (Soft top, sun-roof, tow bar, mag wheels etc)


Find a dealer of that car and take it for a test drive - be sure it's the car you want.


Get a price.


Once you have a price(s) from a dealer(s), gather all the information on the car you can (grab a brochure), fill in the form below, (all fields are required) send it to us and NCB will come back with an offer. If you are satisfied with the price NCB offers and you wish to go ahead, NCB will provide you with an order form for you to sign, will advise you how and when to pay for the car and will then obtain the car for you.


If you are eligible to purchase a car GST free through a DVA benefit, that will also apply.


While filling in the form, if you make a mistake, click the RESET button and start again.


If you do go ahead, you will be kept up to date on the estimated delivery time and the car will be delivered to you with a tank full of fuel.


NCB can also arrange to trade in your present car and can arrange finance (T&C) should you require it.


There is no charge for this service, NCB have waived their usual fee for us, though we ask if you do go ahead and save thousands on a new car purchase that you donate $50 to the Radschool Association.


BSB:  124-021     Account number:  1048 7401    Title:  RAAF Radschool Association     Bank:  Bank of Queensland



Personal information.

First Name:


Street Address:


Email address:
Do you have a trade in?            Do you require finance?  

If you have a trade in, please describe it, (make/model/year/condition) otherwise leave blank:

Are you eligible for GST free purchase?

(You will need to provide a signed copy of

the ATO form to NCB)

Car you wish to buy.  
Body Type: (Sedan, Coupe, Wagon etc)
No. of Seats:
Fuel Type:           Engine size (If applicable)  
Drive Type
External Colour:
Interior Colour:
Internal fabric:




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