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Remember, you need a motor bike licence to ride the scooters.


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You can nominate with a friend, (your bike buddy) which means you and your friend

will take it in turns to ride the same scooter for the whole trip.

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Costs have yet to be set but will be approx Rider $1100,  Supporter $750.



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   Qld (Aug 2024)         NSW (Nov 2024)       Both

Do you wish to be a rider or a supporter.


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Do you have a motor bike licence


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If so - who?

Do you still have equipment from previous events, if so, please indicate what you still have.

If you still have bedding, jackets, helmets etc your cost of entry will be reduced.

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The Radschool Association Inc has an affiliation with Motorcycling Qld (MQ) and as such those participating in the Scootaville event are covered by Motorcycling Australia's insurance product. You can see what is covered HERE.


As we will be overnighting at several ADF bases, we will need to have a copy of you driver's licence (or similar form of ID) sometime in the future. (Some we already have).


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