Kimberley Sky rider

Kimberley Sky Rider


Sky rider

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Sky-Rider specs

Sky-Rider Specifications


Sky Rider at Schoefields

The Sky-Rider was finished just in time to make its public debut at the third Schofieds Air Show on the weekend of the 28th and 29th October, 1978. It had taken exactly one year and three weeks to build. Despite the weather being cold and wet on the Saturday, as can be seen in the photo above, the crowds were good and the Sky-Rider attracted  lot of attention.


Being brand new, the aeroplane looked quite pretty in its bright orange and black colour scheme.

It attracted a lot of interest and was featured in a number of aviation magazines.


Sky Rider at Powerhouse Museum

The Sky-Rider on display at the Powerhouse Museum at Castle Hill, Sydney



Presenting my book "The Australian Minimum Aircraft Story" to the Museum's Transport Curator, Ian Debenham.

13 July, 2007, 


Gary Kimberley - Boeing 747

At the controls of something a bit larger - a Boeing 747