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The Scootaville (2022) event has been run and despite a few set-up hic-cups was a sucessful event which raised $25,000 for our charity - Legacy. Everyone involved in the event enjoyed themselves, they enjoyed the comraderie, enjoyed meeting some wonderful and most generous people along the way, enjoyed their time with a bunch of great little kids at a number of schools, enjoyed seeing parts of Australia until then unseen and most of all, enjoyed being able to raise a significent amount of money for Legacy.  See HERE.


Initially it was planned to ride Kymco 50cc Mopeds but after purchasing one to investigate its properties it was found they lacked the power to complete the trip. Years ago Scootarbor used 50cc Mopeds to cross the Nullarbor but it was found the hilly, at times, Brisbane to Townsville route would tax the little Kymcos so it was decided to amend them.


There is a cheap and very easy to install mod that can be purchased which converts the 50cc engine to a 70cc engine and although 70cc is still only a very small engine, the difference in power is delivers, when compared to 50cc,  is very noticeable.  It was decided to go the 70cc route.


But then Murphy stepped in.


First up the scooters were held up in bond in Sydney then, about a month out, the supplier decided not to make them available to us due to possible reliability problems - they didn't want a scooter(s) breaking down somewhere between Brisbane and Townsville. That left us with an event but no transport. Cancellation was high on the option list.


We eventually found a supplier in Brisbane which could provide us with 10 Honda CB-125 motor cycles though this meant all riders would need to be licenced.  So, we left Rosewood on the 3rd September, arrived Townsville on the 16th September, all safe and well and declared we're going to do it again next year though we also discovered the bigger engined bike was a must.


Instead of staying with small motor bikes and to keep Scootaville a scooter event we've found a machine we think would suit our purposes perfectly  - it's the Kymco Agility + 200. This little machine has a 175cc motor, automatic gear-box, ADF brakes, a lockable pod, is dead easy to ride and goes well though all riders will need to be licenced.


We need to get one to evaluate it, to run it for a few months, to test its  power, its reliability and more important, to test its indurance. Most of the daily legs we'll travel in 2023 are 220km or more, will the 200 handle that on a tank of fuel or will they need to be refuelled en-route. We need to know.


So!  we've decided to raffle off our modified 50cc Kymco and from the proceeds purchase the 200 and evaluate it.


The little Kymco has travelled 500km, has had its first service, is in "as new condition"  and with the modified engine is an ideal commuter. It's not the sort of bike you'd head off on a long trip but for daily commuting it's perfect and with its large under the seat storage is ideal on which to "pop up to the shops".


There will be only 1,200 tickets sold, at $5 each and will be drawn when all tickets ae sold. From the proceeds we'll purchase a 200 and get ready for Scootaville 2023 - another fund raiser for Legacy.


If you win and you live within the arc, Noosa, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, we'll deliver it to your home. If you live outside that arc we'll deliver it to your closest large town.


 We'll deliver the prize his wonderful prize could be yours for only $5.00 and your contribution will help the Radschool Association Inc organise the Scootaville event - proceeds from which will go to Legacy to help Legacy continue their wondrous work in helping families of deceased and seriously injured veterans.


Click the pic for a bigger view.



Apart from receiving the Scooter, you will also receive a Helmet and the balance 6 months registration, total value = $4050. Insurance will be your responsibility.


Tickets cost $5.00 each, with a total of 4000 tickets being sold. You can click HERE to see what ticket number(s) you have bought. That will also show you how sales are progressing which will indicate if there is a possibility of an early draw.


The prize will be drawn at Legacy House in Brisbane on Friday the 22nd April 2022, or before if all tickets are sold. The winner will be rung immediately after the draw and his/her name will be published here on the day the raffle is drawn.


If you would like the chance of winning this prize and of helping Legacy, you are invited to fill in the form below, and send your cost of tickets to the bank account below, making sure you enter your name on the remittance advice.



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Bank:  CBA.    Account Title:  Radschool Association Inc      BSB:  064127     Account number:  1048 0281






The Radschool Association Inc, which represents the men and women who were trained by the Air Force to maintain and operate its electronic equipment,  is a registered Charity.





*  Delivery. The prize will be delivered free of charge to the home of the winner in any capital city in any Australian State or Territory or to a large provincial town in any Australian State or Territory. If the winner lives in a remote area, the prize will be delivered to and be held in the closest Australian capital or provincial town and it will be the winner's responsibility to collect the prize from there.

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