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The Avro Vulcan


Designed for the Pommie Air Force as a strategic bomber, and first flown back in August 1952, the Vulcan delta wing remained in active service with the RAF until after the Faulklands war in 1982. It carried a crew of 5, 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 AEO , 1 navigator, 1 radar operator, and on many occasions during the late 60’s, the later variant the B2, would make the occasional trip “down under” where they would be serviced by the relevant RAAF “Duty Crew.”

These 2  B2 aircraft were at Richmond in September, 1967


Nearly always, while being refuelled, they would be “gotcha-ed” - someone would jam a RAAF squadron reflective vinyl emblem onto the skin of the aircraft, which, for some reason used to send the Pommies ballistic—which of course meant it was done all the more. Any-one who has ever been inside one will always remember the smell of the thing. It was like getting into an old Wolsley or a Humber Super Snipe, all leathery and very very British. Getting in and out was a bit of a hassle, you had to climb a vertical ladder which dropped down directly in front of the nose wheel, then adopt the worm position to get around inside. Resembling a huge manta-ray, they were very popular at air-shows as they always put on a good display with a spectacular take off accompanied by an horrific noise where the aircraft would usually disappear “straight up”.






Well—we know it’s been a long time, and everyone’s probably forgotten that provocative question from last time which was—When was the old Able Baker … phonetic alphabet changed to the new Alfa Bravo…?  We got a million answers to this one, and nearly everyone had a different time/date for an answer—but we checked the thinking man’s bible—the Australian Woman’s Weekly and we reckon it was in 1966. Might have changed over at a different time in other parts of the world, but the good old Royal Aussie AF changed over in 1966.  So—once again we did the time honoured thing, bunged all the names in a hat, and drew out one super lucky name—that of Bob Bocos.


Unfortunately, we were a bit late getting that most alluring and seductive of wines out to Bob who would have loved it for Christmas dinner, or even his New Year’s Eve celebrations, however, he was lucky and it arrived when most of Caloundra was still away on holidays, so Bob was able to enjoy it alone without the whole town cramming into his place wanting a look. Bob has assured us he will include the empty bottle as pride of place in his Christmas lights decorations next December—if he does that he’s a sure thing to take out the big one, probably even get Don Burke to do a feature on his garden.


Now, if you’d like to win a bottle of Sparkling Rinegolde—just like Bob, here’s all you’ve got to do. We ask a very simple question and provide 4 possible answers, all you’ve got to do is tell us which of the possible 4 is the correct answer, just like Radschool—remember?? And if you’re right you could win one of those priceless bottles of Rinegolde.


OK—the question this time is  “What is back porch”.   Is it-



The bit out the back of the house where you stick your boots. 


The section of the synch signal that extends from the back end of the horizontal sync pulse to the start of the next line.  


The part of a boat where you stick the outboard motor.   


Stuff that is placed on the inside of a cathode ray tube to prevent the accumulation of free electrons.


Now—how easy’s that??? Email your answer to us (please don’t ring), and you too could be the envy of your suburb. Entries should be in by end of March 2002, and don’t forget - Judge’s decision etc etc.   Go to it.


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