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We sure got some queer answers to our last competition, which we thought was a breeze. We selected it because it was a bit of a radioey sort of question, and we reckoned it would stump all the sumpies and framies, and give all the queer traders a leg up. The question was:  “What is back porch?”. Simple right? and the correct answer was of course B, the answer which had the pulses and sync stuff in it, though we haven’t the faintest idea what it means. Some blokes reckoned it was answer A the one where you put your boots, but they got all confused with a back veranda, some blokes reckoned it was where you put the outboard on a boat, close, so we included them, and some of the geeks reckoned it was the stuff you put inside a cathode ray tube, which we think is what they call a TV screen. Any-way, the whole thing was too close to call, so we bunged all the names in a hat and drew one out, and the lucky winner is, Julie Peters, who used to be Julie Brown at Radschool where through a bit of study and a lot of good luck she became a Telsop We contacted Armaguard and they send 10 armed men and a bullet proof truck to pick up the bottle of Sparkling Rinegolde, and it’s now pride of place at the Peters’ household, along with the certificate of merit which now hangs over Julie’s bed.


Now to this edition’s question. We thought that as we’re all ex military people, fearless and trained defenders of the nation that we were, we thought we’d make it a war question. We realise there probably weren’t too many of us around at the time (Toby Paine probably was), but back on the 19 February, 1942, 242 Japanese aircraft attached Darwin. On that day, there were 2 separate raids, and it was the first time that the Australian Flag received enemy fire. The question is:



How many bombs were dropped on Darwin on the 19 February 1942, was it :-


            a.      236,               b.     456,

            c.      685,               d.      997.


This is a hard one so we’ve included a sort of subliminal clue, but we won’t tell you what the clue is, you’ll have to work it out. Email your answer to us (please don’t ring), and you too could be the envy of your suburb.


Entries should be in by end of June 2002, and don’t forget - Judge’s decision etc etc.   Go to it.



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