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Where are they now?


If you know where any of these people are now, please let us know.


And if you’re looking for a long lost mate, send us your “Where are they now” photos

along with a few words. Perhaps we can help find him/her.





Billy (Goat) Lewis, right, who at one stage was a sparky at Richmond, is shown here with John (Porky) Donohue, ex clock winder, at a bar-b-q in the Blue Mountains in 1969. Rumour has it Bill got a DCM some years later, (we believe Sqn Ldr Pete DeJonge officiated) and since then has dropped out of sight and no-one seems to know where he is. Can any-one help??


John now lives in the Brisbane area and is still with Air Liquide where he’s been since his D while Pete DeJonge lives about 50 klms south of Brisbane.


We had an email from a Josephine Bradley who now lives and flies aircraft in the US. Jo did her flight training in 1986-88 while she was in the Air Training Corps at the Oakey Army Base and at Amberley.  Her instructor was a RAAF pilot named Russell Lucas, and Jo wrote to ask if we could find Russell for her as she would like to get in touch again and talk pilot stuff.


Does any-one know where Russell is these days—Jo thinks he might still be in the RAAF, so if you can help please let us know.





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