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5 old war horses??—all ex 35 Sqn in 1966/1967, at the Anzac day march through the streets of Brisbane this year.


They are L-R:-    Jimmy Cosgrove - Orderly Room,  Keith Kinch - Safety Equipment, Geoff Hall - Electrical Fitter,  Peter Forster  -  Assistant Loadmaster and  Brian Peck  - Engine Fitter.



Kev Trimmer, (left, with yours truly), one time elec from 2AD, then 9Sqn Vung Tau, then Pearce, then into recruiting and a stint on the NSW coast at Wollongong (what a bludge), finally snatched it after he reached WO rank, and retired to Townsville where he sits back and watches wife Sue ably run their picture framing business. He was recently in Brisbane for a convention, and where else would you take an old mate for a damn good steak but the Brecky Creek pub. The “Creek’ is undergoing extensive renovations (about time), but the food and XXXX off the wood is as good as it ever was—and is possibly as good as you’ll get.


Kev, with a coupla beers lined up at the Creek

Russell Wylie, ex 21 Appy brat, at Laverton back in 1968. Russell now lives in Melbourne, right in the middle of Bomber territory, and has an agency for a commercial catering equipment company.


A couple, who had just had a violent argument, were driving down a country road not saying a word. Neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the wife asked sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?"  "Yep,"  the husband replied,  "in-laws."



We heard from Ted McEvoy who sent us some photos of his time with 35 Sqn in Vung Tau in 1966. It was a while ago, and Ted can’t remember all the names, can any-one help fill in the blanks.      Names run left to right.


Barry Dean, (sumpie), don’t know, Ted McEvoy (rad), Terry Collier (sumpie) and Les Addison (rad) down in front.


Don’t know (framie??), Brian “Masta” Bates (elec), Les “Shakey” Addison (rad), and Wayne “Ollie” Oldfield (elec).


Standing:- Dick Salter (Sumpie), Des Pryce, Barry Dean (sumpie), Laurie Phibbs (rad), Wayne Oldfield (elec), Mick Jasny (inst), Ted McEvoy (rad), don’t know, Shakey Addison (rad), Brian “Masta” Bates (elec).

Kneeling:-Bob “Camel” Humphrey (sumpie) and (is it??) the “Flange” (framie).


John "Jet" Adams, OC RAAF Vung Tau at the time, going through the Airman’s barby rations… “Bloody hell look at this—these damn erks get fed better than us Sirs….”  while Camel looks on, thinking, “I must go through that bugger’s pockets before he leaves here”..



God, grant me…

  • The senility to forget the people I never liked anyway,

  • The good fortune to run into the ones I do,

  • And the eyesight to tell the difference.



The RAAF’s living compound in Vung Tau, with the Ettamogah club on the right, and below—sometimes it rained and rained and rained…...




And for Spacky in Crookwell…...A man pulled up next to a little girl who was walking home from school and said to her, ."If you get in my car, I'll give you a lollypop.".......the little girl kept walking. Following along slowly, the man said, "Come on and get in the car with me and I'll give you two lolly pops!"......She kept her eyes on the footpath and continued on her way. The man said "Get in with me and I'll give you this whole bag of lollypops!"  Finally, the girl turned and said -."Look daddy, YOU bought the Ford, YOU ride in it!!!"



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