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The News 


News and Reunions! 





Stolen Medals.


Ted McEvoy has asked that we run the following: 


A young bloke from Wingham, which is near Taree in NSW, had the following medals stolen:


1975 ASM with East Timor Clasp

Interfet Campaign Medal




All are inscribed on the edge D. Robinson.


If you have any info please email delnfred@optusnet.com.au





Air Force Cadets.


Dave Dunlop, who is the Chairman of the Australian Air Force Cadets National Council INC, has let us know the following:- 


This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the Air Force Cadets in Australia and there will be a number of special events to celebrate the occasion later in the year. If you were a cadet or staff member of the ATC/AIRTC/AAFC or had some other connection with the organisation, this news may cause you to reflect on the experience, and if so, hopefully you will recall enjoyable and rewarding memories.RAAF Cadets


With direction and support from the Air Force Cadet National Council, a Working Group of former air cadets is developing a proposal to form an Australian Air Cadets Alumni which could be launched as part of the 70th Anniversary celebrations. To this end, the first step is to gauge the level of interest in forming the Alumni from former air cadets, staff and others around Australia.


The attached flyer has more details about the proposed Alumni and I ask that you consider the information, and if interested, visit the website address shown on the flyer which is https://sites.google.com/site/alumniofaircadets70/ . The website provides more information about the proposed Alumni and you can register your interest in being a part of it. By providing your contact details, you will be advised on important developments.


The website will also keep you updated on AAFC 70th Anniversary events.


It is important that we reach as many former air cadets, staff members and others with a legitimate connection to the organisation as possible in this early stage. If you are in contact with anyone who has been a member, or who has contributed in some way to the ATC/AIRTC/AAFC, please forward this notice to them, even if it isn't relevant to you or you are not interested in learning more about the Alumni at this time.





Geoff Anderson, who is an ex RAAF Air Traffic Controller, would like it known that Military Air Traffic Controllers are holding their first ever reunion on the Sunshine Coast QLD on the Queen’s Birthday weekend 11-13 June 2011. If you wish to know more, you can email Geoff HERE.




REOA Members.


Noel Hadfield advises that the RAAF Engineers Officers Association will hold its mid-year luncheon on Wednesday 15 June 2011, in the Collins Room at Batman’s Hill on Collins Hotel, 623 Collins Street, Melbourne. Assembly will be at 12.00 noon, for lunch at 12.30 PM. Beer, wine and soft drinks will be served on our arrival, with wine served at the table. Vegetarian meals will be available should anyone require them and can be pre-ordered on the return slip.Batman Hill Hotel Dress will be jacket and tie. Two guests per member (family/friends), will be welcome. REOA financial resources will be used to reduce outlay on the function and so cost per head will be $40.00.


Our guest speaker will be Ian Speirs, ex 10 Squadron WW2 Flight Engineer, who will provide an historic talk based on his experiences from that period.


The venue is located at the corner of Collins and Spencer Streets and is readily accessible by tram along Collins Street or Spencer Street; and by train to Southern Cross Station. Car parking is available nearby in Flinders Lane and alongside Southern Cross Station in Spencer Street at the end of Lonsdale Street .


To ensure your seat(s) at the function, pleasereply in the format below. Payment direct to the bank is required not later than 10 June 2011. Please note that we are committed to pay in advance on confirmed numbers and so refunds will NOT be possible once the deadline passes.


We look forward to seeing you at the luncheon.




34 Squadron Reunion.

 34 nSqn Viscount


Ken Stone advises that 34 SQN is planning to hold a reunion next February to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the formation of the squadron.


We will let you know when further details are at hand.




Bruce “Blue” Neal is the editor of the 36 Sqn News Bulletin (unfortunately, we don’t have their web site). Blue says he learnt of our site via Phil Carr when he asked if there are any past RADTECH's that served with No 36 Squadron. He says he is after suitable stories that may be included in the Bulletin from a maintenance perspective. The Bulletin has been in print since the early 60's and is published bi-annually.





Bomber Command Memorial Day.


A memorial day is planned for all Veterans, friends, families and those who wish to acknowledge the service of those who served in Bomber Command during WWII. Bomber Command Memorial Day is planned for Sunday June 5 at 11:00am and in NSW Ceremonies will be held at Sydney’s Hyde Park. In the ATC, ceremonies will be held at the Western Sculpture Garden, Australian War Memorial. For more details about these ceremonies, please go to http://www.commemorativedayfoundation.com RAF Lancaster


There will also be a ‘Meet and Greet’ held in Canberra at the Australian War Memorial on Saturday 4th June 6:00 pm and a luncheon on Sunday 5th June at 1:00 pm at Rydges Lakeside. These are wonderful opportunities for veterans, families and friends to meet.


The Bomber Command Annual Commemorative Day Foundation is anxious to make contact with all Bomber Command personnel and their families. Many, as yet are not on our database and therefore do not receive news of ceremonies such as above. If you know anyone who served in Bomber Command or their families, please contact Don Southwell on 02 9449 6515.




Singapore Military Brat.


The Australian and New Zealand Military Brats of Singapore is an association which was formed some years ago by children whose parents served in either the Australian or New Zealand military forces in Singapore and each year they have a reunion. If you or your family fall into this category, have a look at their web site. http://www.anzmilitarybratsofsingapore.com/



I had a mate who was suicidal. He was really depressed, so I pushed him in front of a train.

He was thrilled to bits.


26 Appies


Peter “Pygmy” McAndrew has added a link to the Radschool magazine website from the one he's trying to build. It's for 26 Appies. He says "We are planning a reunion over the 11/12 February 2012. Could you please add a link in the Radschool site back to ours? At this moment we have only agreed on a date and to hold the reunion somewhere in Melbourne".


Pygmy - It are done - tb




REOA Members.


The REOA Committee is arranging a family day conducted tour of the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on Sunday 18 September 2011 for the 11 AM tour followed by a catered lunch using the regular Shrine catering services "Mighty Good Catering" in the area inside the Shrine visitors Centre at about 1215-1230 (depending on tour length).


The Shrine conducts regular tours and has many items of interest suitable for all including school children. We seek your interest in attending along with family and friends including children, grandchildren and grandparents. The tour is free but the shrine does accept donations.


The Shrine, including the area proposed for lunch, is fully under cover and is located close to public transport and adequate parking.


We have to pay for our lunch which will be mixed sandwiches and hot finger food, cake with tea, coffee. We anticipate a fee of approximately $20 per adult will be charged for the day and a lesser amount for children but this is yet to be ratified. Use this as an indicative figure only at this stage.


Could you please indicate your interest and how many you expect would be attending with you including children and their ages so we can finalise catering costs. We also will require monies up front prior to the visit. Please note that a firm invitation with details on payment will be issued in due course. Further info can be obtained at http://www.reoa.org.au




9 Sqn A2-771


Graeme Chalmers advises that the proposed  Get-together Activity and Welcome Home for Huey A2-771 at RAAF Base Amberley, to be held in November 2011 has been deferred until June 2012, actual date TBA. There were a number of factors considered in deciding this, not just aspects of the eventual configuration of A2-771. As soon as practicable, full details will be advised. Any inconvenience is regretted.  



A new middle east crisis erupted last night as Dubai Television was refused permission to broadcast 'The Flintstones'. A spokesman for the channel said....

'A claim was made that people in Dubai would not understand the humour,

but we know for a fact that people in Abu Dhabi Do.'


Sorry Rupe!




Wayne Lyons



Steve Hartigan advises that a National Service (all services) reunion will be held in Townsville from Thursday 08 September to Sunday 11 September.


The program promises some great entertainment and get together. You can get further info from HERE





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