Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 35

Page 17

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Sick Parade.


If you know someone who is a bit crook,

let us know so we can give them a shout out..



Don Porter advises us that Tony Hill is no longer able to take visitors other than family. It is thought that he will not be leaving hospital. His wife Janine has moved in with him and there is not all that long to go. Notwithstanding Janine said that he may still be able to taJeff Pedrinake the odd telephone call.




John “Sambo” Sambrooks advises that Jeff Pedrina (right) recently had a fall and severely injured himself. He had fluid on the brain and they had to insert a shunt. We hope you're better now Jeff.




Ernie Gimm advises us that Norrie Cross is in hospital after a tussle with his vehicle, resulting in him needing a skin graft to his leg. The graft is looking good, and he has been up and walking under supervision. He has been transferred to the Sir Charles Gairdner rehab unit in South Perth, and his daughter, Cherilyn, is sure he will enjoy responding to the emails when he eventually gets back home. Cherilyn would also like to thank the many members of the Djinnang Association who have been in touch with her dad.




Peter Robinson advises us that “Ray Hay is in hospital in Bridgetown. He is in more for observation than anything else after suffering some sort of seizure at home. He is mobile and in fine spirits”.



Wally Jolley

Wally Jolley (right) has not had a good year. Recently he was diagnosed with Bowel cancer which required surgery and fortunately for Wally, all the bad bits were found and removed and he didn’t have to go through that terrible chemo therapy. He had been sitting at home in Melbourne, feeling sorry for himself, so his daughter bundled him off to Brisbane for the Anzac Day march, primarily to get him out of the house and secondly so he could meet up with a bunch of his mates, have a few beers, tell a few lies, eat a bunch of sausage rolls and forget about the bit of rotten luck that he has encountered.


We all wish you well mate, a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you again in April 2012.




Rick Holmes advises that Snow Coughlan had prostate surgery in the Mercy Private Hospital East Melbourne on the 5th April. Rick spoke to Snow shortly after the surgery and he has been given the "all clear" with no residual cells found.Rick says he sounded quite upbeat although he will miss the monthly lunch on the 13th and is unlikely to make an appearance on ANZAC Day.




Mick Lawson says he received an email from Robert Hill, an ex RadTech (9 years), who subsequently worked with Qld Rail and then for the private sector for a couple of years. He has continued studies and is now a junior Doctor in Alice Springs. Robert told him that Chris Kirkhouse ex-Radtech ground, who now lives in Perth, has cancer and unfortunately, has not much longer to live. 



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