Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 35

Page 18

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         Where are they now?





Col Price is trying to find Peter Shoutens (not sure of his family name spelling), He believes he lives around Logan (Qld) somewhere but can’t find him in the phone book. Haven’t heard from or spoken with him for ages and would love to catch up.


Can anyone help, if you can, get in touch with us and we’ll pass it on to Col. (Benny??)




Henry Ratnik is hoping to catch up with Peter O'Brien – Peter, if you’re out there please get in touch.




We heard from Geoff Schmidt, he wrote, “Thanks for the report on the Avalon Airshow……I also attended and enjoyed it immensely. Talking to the RAAF Sqn Ldr (Harper) on exchange with the USAF in Alaska flying the F-22 Raptor was special for me. He is a lucky lad and I believe we are the only country to have such a privilege. As you know, the F-22 is heavily guarded for its performance characteristics. 


I would like to get in touch with some missing Rad Tech A’s from 75 Sqn Fast Caravan days as we plan to hold a reunion on the 14th May”. If there are any out there, get in touch with us and we’ll pass on your details to Geoff. You’ll miss this reunion, but at least you get to hear if there is another.




Eslynne Hopper says “I noted the WRAFFS had a reunion in Brisbane in 2011. I am trying to contact Doreen Vance who was in Darwin during the 50s. Does anyone know where she is these days or how I can contact her.


Can anyone help, if you can, get in touch with us and we’ll pass it on to Eslynne.




Dale Peters asks, “Perhaps you could help me (and perhaps help others that might be looking for the same thing). I was a RAD Tech from 42RAC.  15 years ago, for some stupid reason, I threw out my course material and I severely regret doing that. My interest in Electronics and Antique Electronics has been rekindled. Perhaps someone out there would have the material that I could copy and return to them?? I really would like to find the authentic School of Radio material again. It would mean a lot to me. And on a different note, I see not much interest from my time (1988) onward. Why is this? Did the culture change around this time? What do you think?


You are doing a great job! You are saving a great piece of history that should not be allowed to evaporate away with time.  Thank you so much!!”


Dale – I think that when the RAAF did away with ‘The Blocks” and everyone started to live off base and went their own way was when things started to change – perhaps I’m wrong, but that’s what I reckon….anyway, we’re glad to have you!!




Mal Peters got in touch, he says:  “I am trying to locate information about my father’s (Arthur john Peters) activities during WW2. He was a member of 35 squadron, trained in Melbourne, moved to Tocumwal then based in Rathmines and finally in Townsville. He worked extensively on Catalina aircraft. I would appreciate any information you may have.  Thank you.


Can anyone help???




Phillip Harker wrote, he says “I was reading your story on the Caribou in Vietnam and wondered what happened to Flt Sgt Sumpie Thomas George LENTON, (Nov 1965 to  Nov 1966) who was awarded an MID. Is he the same bloke who ended up at RAAF Tottenham and Liverpool, NSW? Any help or suggestions you can provide to an Englishman would be gratefully received. 


Thank you







We’re looking for Peter Griffiths who was on 41 RTC. Peter is shown here with John Boyne (left) and the late Phil Penny (right) on the Skyway at Katoomba back in 1966.


Last we heard, “Griffo” was working in the Ipswich area but we lost touch some years ago.


Does anyone know where he is today??








Peter Atkins wrote, he says “I have a look at the mag from time to time.  I have always wanted to get back in contact with an old mate of mine from 1967 and wonder if he might be a member. Jim Dickson was a Rad Tech G and based around the place - last place being RAAF Fairbairn.  If he is a member I wonder if you could forward my email address please.


We don’t know of him Peter, but someone might, if you can help, get in touch with us and we’ll pass on the info – tb.




Geoff Heath is looking to contact any old Tels Techs who live in the Brisbane area. Geoff says he hasn’t spoken with any ex techs, with the exception of Paul Buckman, since the demise of the branch in 19 ??


If you’re an old tech and want to get intouch with Geoff, let us know and we’ll pass on your details



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