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Where are they now?


If you know where any of these people are now, please let us know.


And if you’re looking for a long lost mate, send us your “Where are they now” photos

along with a few words. Perhaps we can help find him/her.


We found him!! 


John Butler, as we pictured him in our first edition, back in May of 1999. We asked then if anyone had seen or heard from John, and it wasn’t until early November 2000 that one of his mates told him he featured on our web site, and that he should take a look. He did, and as they say, the rest is history.



As is usually the case, it turned out that John lives only about 5 klms from yours truly, and has done so for the past 10 years. In time honoured fashion we celebrated our own mini-reunion by devouring a couple of several VB’s, and funny as it may seem, all those years since we’d seen each other didn’t seem to matter one bit.






Kev Trimmer (then at 2AD elec) and Sue Paine, later to become Sue Trimmer, at a ball in the Airman’s mess at Richmond in May 1968. Kev did his 20 years, and got his WO’s in Townsville where he pulled the pin and stayed put. He has thrown away the mega and gone into the art business.






John Boyne (Elec) and John Mathwin (Radio) at a Beer-b-q at the Richmond River in September, 1967.






Graham “Blue” Silk (elec), Jerry “the Flange” Lange (framie), Len Pridham (sumpie) and Dick Salter (sumpie) at Murray Barracks, Port Moresby in February, 1968—on detachment with 38 Sqn.




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