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Where are they now?


If you know where any of these people are now, please let us know.


And if you’re looking for a long lost mate, send us your “Where are they now” photos along with a few words. Perhaps we can help find him/her.



Last issue we asked if anyone knew where Jim and Anne Cameron ended up as no-one had heard from Jim for quite a while—well thanks to you, we’ve found them, and both are well and living in the Newcastle area.


Jim has now retired, and is enjoying life on the north coast with TPI entitlements which he earned from his days in Vietnam.


Jim says there are quite a few ex RAAF blokes that would be known to many of us living in the area, and he’s going to get them to join the association.


Jim hasn’t joined the electronic age yet, and doesn’t have an email address so if you want to get in touch with him, drop us a line and we’ll forward your note along. Jim hopes to be at the reunion next year.

During the late 60’s, one bloke who had a lot to do with keeping 38 Sqn purring along as an efficient and enjoyable place to work, was Alec Forest. Alec, who was WOE of 38 Sqn during that period,  had a very sensible approach towards discipline and aircraft maintenance and had the knack of being able to achieve both without ever having to use the big stick. Blokes in the squadron would do as directed because they wanted to, not because they had to. He always had or made time to talk to everyone, knew everyone by their first name,  and was always ready to support “the troops” when necessary.


If you worked with, or ran across Alec during your service period, please let us know, and if you know where he is these days, we’d love to know that also.





Australia’s National Anthem.

Australians let us all rejoice, ‘cause we are young and free,

Dah dah dah dah dum dah dee dee, doo doo doo dum…..



The photo at left was taken at Alan Chiesa's wedding at  RAAF Butterworth in 1971. Pictured left to right are:


Keith Collins, Wal Williams, Ralph Dries, Doug Pankhurst, Al Chiesa, Bob Dowling, Mick Christensen and Dutchy Holland


When he left Appy land at lovely Laverton, Alan was posted to Williamtown then conned a posting to Butterworth. After a couple of years which were (mostly) spent terrorising the locals, he returned to Australia, and decided to become a Flight Engineer and despite the RAAF's normally rigorous entry requirements, he managed to get through. After leaving the RAAF, he joined Cathay Pacific and spent a few years in Hong Kong.


He returned to Australia a couple of years ago and is now living in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.





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