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Post Radschool.



Reunion Activities.


Some of the activities, with approx cost per head, that we’ve got planned for next March are: (where possible we’ve included the web sites so you can get more info.)


Day light hours.


Night time.

  • Brisbane river dinner cruise on a River Queen,  Cost includes cruise and seafood dinner but does not include drinks.    $60

  • Day/night sight seeing tour, includes tour of city, ferry trip, wild life park, dinner at Southbank, bus trip to Mt Coot-tha, complimentary champagne. $78

  • Saturday night get together at Irish Club, includes all drinks, walk around food, band, dancing.   $45

These are some of the activities planned. We’ll firm up on these and get an itinerary out early in the new year to everyone who indicate they will be coming. You’ll be able to select which activity you want to go on. If you think you’ll be here for the reunion, please let us know ASAP. There’s a bit to do, and it’ll be much easier if we know the numbers.




Well, our question from last issue (what is the significance of an RYRYRY message) seemed to stump quite a few but we had some very close answers, such as this from Bill Bastion  “A set of traffic lights gone crazy– red, yellow, red yellow, red, yellow”.  They say old habits die hard—Bill used to be the boss of yours truly many, many years ago, (and got yours out of big, big trouble on more than one occasion) so accepting the old adage of  “The Boss is always right” we reckoned that was good enough for us, so his answer went into the good guys bin. Ted McEvoy from Perth who won the last one, reckoned it was abbreviated DI speak for “Right Yeft, Right Yeft, Right Yeft,” which is damn near spot on—so we accepted that answer too.  Others reckoned it was a teletype test message that sends alternate data bit patterns in the 5 unit Baudot code, ie 10101 then 01010 which was pretty close, so we accepted their answers as well and into the good guys bin they went also. And from all the correct answers we drew one winner, and that is Phil Smith from Canberra. We bundled up the prized bottle of delicate wine along with the much sought after certificate of merit, and after warning the Federal Police of the possibility of severe civil unrest at Russell Offices when the word gets out that such a package would be arriving, we forwarded the articles on. Phil’s standing amongst the inmates at Russell has been elevated to a new high, and he’s become a much sought after guest speaker at morning smoko.


OK!, so here is this issue’s question. And, just to give the radio blokes an unfair advantage, we’ll keep the questions radio-ish. And, as we’re nearly all ex-RAAF, this time we’ll make the question multi guess—just like the old days. You remember the type, one question with four answers, only one of which is the correct answer. All you’ve got to do is select the correct answer from the 4 below. OK!  The question is:-  What is a scope iron good for, is it?


a.  To brand cattle.   b.  To melt IC’s.   c.  To iron collar attached shirts.   d.  To remove the tyre from a wheel rim.


Damn hard we know, but definitely worth having a go for as the prize is a corker. Someone will come up with the correct answer, and they could win that most magnificent of wines—IT COULD BE YOU!!


As always send your written answers to us any way you like, email, fax, post - but please don’t ring. Entries should be in by the end of Jan 2001, and once again we’ll announce the lucky winner in our next edition. Judge’s decision etc etc etc.


Go to it…….





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