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This photo was sent to us by Ted McEvoy who now lives in the West. Ted thinks it was taken either in Feb/March 1960 at Frognall, and is a photo of 14 (Appy) Course - the last one to start at Frognall in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell. Ted says:-  “The course after ours (15Appy) started at Laverton following Radio School's move from Ballarat. The beautiful building in the background was officially known as "Frognall" but was better known to us as Bullshit Castle. The base was also the home of MTU (Melb Telecommunication Unit). We appies underwent 6 months of training before being split into two groups - the smart ones who stayed at Frognall and studied to become Sirs (Radio Officers) and us dumbies who went to Laverton to become erks (RadTechs).


Unfortunately, Ted has forgotten a lot of the names—can anyone help!!




Another photo from Tec McEvoy, this one of a bunch of 14 Appy blokes at a reunion held by the RAAF Association in Prahran (Melbourne) in 1990.


Len Triplett,  Richard (Stix) Chambers,  Gordon Charlton,  Alf Smith,  Ted McEvoy,  Tom (Tich) Harrington and Laurie Lindsay.




Recent issue of the RAAF News showed the RAAF’s new uniform—which will be progressively supplied to people throughout Australia.  It looks like the bluey/grey present uniform is being replaced by what looks like that terrible old uniform that we used to wear ages ago—yep, it’s back to the blues….belt and all. Now that’s progress...





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